I may be overthinking this - but hopeful someone can chime in with project/review experience!  We are working on a new hospital.  I understand that the LEED Reference Guide clearly states that Inpatient Lavatory Faucets are considered 'Private'.  This makes sense (much like a hotel or residence hall with private ensuite bathrooms).  My question is how to calculate the Intpatient Visitors.  In this specific project design, there are no typical large public visitor restrooms within the inpatient towers - so Inpatient Visitors will be using the restrooms within the private patient room (proposed design with 1.0gpm).  Normally, we would have Visitors use Public Lavatories (with a baseline flow rate of 0.5gpm).  In this scenario, the Visitors will be using the Inpatient Priavate Lavatories (with a baseline flow rate of 2.2gpm).
Do we simply treat this like a visitor to a residential unit, and even though they are visitors, the baseline remains at 2.2gpm (still providing savings in the Water Calculator) - OR - do we have to force the Visitor baseline to 0.5gpm - using the same faucet (showing a negative water savings)?