I am working on industrial project and below is the leed reviewer comments that is confusing for me how to deal with it and how to normalize to resole these issues ?

The end-use breakdown provided under EA Prerequisite Energy Efficiency Best Management Practices indicates
that the building is more than 60% process energy use, but it appears that the historic energy use data for the
project building has not been normalized for manufacturing output or process loads. For a facility whose primary
purpose is manufacturing, where the energy consumption is closely tied to the amount of production for the
manufacturing area, the energy consumption must be normalized on a per production unit basis as indicated in Table
4 under the Further Explanation section of this prerequisite in the LEED O+M v4 Reference Guide. The intent of this
prerequisite is to reward documented energy efficiency improvements over time, rather than simply noting a
reduction in energy consumption. Provide a detailed narrative summarizing how manufacturing output and process
loads impact energy use at the project building. Provide a revised form, as needed, including normalized energy use
for the project building when taking into account manufacturing output and process loads. To normalize energy use,
identify the most appropriate metric for determining the source energy use intensity for the remainder of the facility
relative to the manufacturing process (i.e. Btu/pound or Btu/unit). Determine the energy use intensity for each
historical year of data, and for the current year of data