The more the Application Guide for Multiple Buildings and On-Campus Building Projects (AGBMC) is refined the less it seems to apply to industrial projects. Industrial projects (for both LEED-NC and LEED-EB O&M) are often a set of buildings that, together, have a single purpose. That purpose is generally to make a consumer product. The primary building (or buildings) and its ancillary buildings function as a single facility. None have an autonomous function. That is to say, they don’t comprise a stand-alone function or use without operations of the other buildings. Each building serves the function of the whole and, if they are detached, it is for operational efficiency.

These (new) projects are typically all built under the same owner initiative using any number of various contracting methods. They are built during the essentially same time period, with the ultimate goal being “in production” or “job one”.

The detached buildings alone may or may not meet the MPR minimum size or FTE requirements. If they are inside the LEED Boundary, their energy and water consumption needs to be taken into consideration. If they were to be omitted from the LEED Boundary area, it would start to look like a gerrymandered piece of Swiss cheese.

We have, not without reviewer questions, submitted these as a single project and analyzed it as a whole with all the square footage inside the LEED Boundary accounted for. Under LEED-NC v 2.1 and 2.2 we were able to leverage the AGBMC as guidance for this. With the more recent versions of the AGBMC for LEED v 3, and soon for 4, this fits less and less.

My questions are these:

1. Are there other project types that are being left out in the cold? Projects that need guidance for multiple structures comprising a single project? These may look like a campus, but not function like the campus described in the more current versions of the AGBMC (with Types I and II)?

2. How have other manufacturing projects with multiple and auxiliary buildings handled their submittals?

3. Does anyone active on the LEED Manufacturing User Group know if this is a topic of discussion?