I am working on the Water Reduction Credit for a project and confused on how to input the Occupant Percentages for central core restrooms.  The instructions on the Water Reduction Calculator say to "Enter the percent of occupants with access to the fixture".  I read that as, if the male/female ratio is 50/50 then 50% of the occupants have access to the male fixtures and 50% of the occupants have access to the female fixtures.  But I have had others disagree with me and say that the 50/50 ratio is already taken into account in the spreadsheet (unless other percentages are put into the top of the sheet) so the input in the Table:Flush Fixtures should be 100% which the spreadsheet internally reads as 100% of those 50% from the 50/50 ratio.  These different inputs give me about a 5% to 6% difference in water reduction so I want to make sure and get it correct.  Which interpretation is correct?  Thank you!