We have assisted in many successful LEED certification processes for a huge (close to a square mile) university campus under LEED-NC v2 & 2.2. We had compiled packages for the general campus parking plan, which is very proactively green, that easily complied with SSc4.3 & 4.4, which worked well. We just got our first NC 2009 design review back and we were knocked down on every one of these items. Now we are trying to decide if we should create a Master Site, or several Master Sites.


Is this an all or nothing proposition - ie, it true that any credit that is included in the Master Site program must be attained throughout the site to count on any given project, even if a specific LEED project meets the criteria alone?

It is going to be difficult to projecting future LEED projects, and to get into the plan detail required for SSc4.1, showing footprints and main entries. Also on this campus, there are a few areas that are too far from the perimeter to get adequate bus coverage, while other areas (most) have 2 to 20 busline options. Is it envisioned that you could amend the plan with new projects as they come up?
Finally, can one campus, under one administration, be carved into several Master Sites? Can that be done in stages and is there any reason that certain parts of the campus (ie sports fields) cannot be left out altogether ?

The campus is so large (close to a square mile) and varied, that we would not be able to acheive