Hi all,

The project is a retail store in Taiwan. The AHU used for this store is also shared by other stores around it. Further , the AHU is provided by the base building and hence not new. I need clarification regarding following:
1. Will the AHU come under project scope of work for commissioning even if it is provided by base building?
2. Since the AHU is not specifically installed for the store, does chilled water metering need to be provided (If it is not in project scope) ?
3. How to calculate outdoor air quantity for the spaces within the store, is there some method, or should I follow weighted area method?
4. Is there any specific requirement for a shared AHU that needs to be followed for the ID+C retail?

Since I received the following comment for the ID+C: Retail: Advance metering credit:
" The project has shared building AHU and it is not clear if the base building complies with LEED BD+C requirements for Advanced Energy Metering.
Provide the BD+C LEED Review report showing the credit has been approved, or by uploading the required submittals for LEED BD+C for the building. Note that the building-level documentation may be provided only for shared systems that represent more than 10% of the building consumption, and does not need to be provided for tenant energy sources or end-uses that are entirely contained within the project space."