I recently received a Design Review comment advising that the IAQ procedure included in Chapter 6 of the ASHRAE 62.1-2007 is not an acceptable tool to demonstrate compliance. The reference to Sections 4 though 7 was removed via revision.........so I get the mechanics of how USGBC triggered this change. But I don't get the reasoning behind why the change was made.
A couple of comments: First of all the LEEDUser graphic for IEQpr2 which states "meet minimum requirements of .....section 4-7" is incorrect! Secondly, can anyone provide an explanation as to why USGBC would prohibit the use of the IAQ Procedure to demonstrate compliance for IEQpr1? Is the USGBC asserting expertise surpassing a national standard ASHRAE 62.1? In the hands of a capable and experienced design professional the IAQ Procedure provides the opportunity to reduce OA required when compared to Ventilation Rate Procedure. Less OA has a added benefit of reduced energy required for managing and treating OA. Seems as if USGBC is unreasonable limiting the options available to Design Professionals with this change.