Dear All:-

We have large manufacturing facility with Humidification plant & Chiller

The Electrical load of this Humidification plant is about 3000 kW (supply, return fan, Water supply pump) and it is work with a help of 3000 TR VAM Chiller 

Now we have doubts in Model this Humidification plant in both case

1.How can we model this humidification plant Load of 3000 kw either identically or not

2.The Humidification plant is working like a AHU with Humidifier with help of Chilled water so can we model this Humidification plant as AHU with Humidifier in both cases

3. Additionally we have multiple  building with single chiller plant with 8 chillers there is no dedicated chiller or chiller plant for each building in this case how we prove the minimum energy saving of 18% for each building

4. The entire project have CHP and it is serving to LEED scope buildings so can we use this CHP to prove the minimum energy saving of 18% for each building