I am doing a LEED 2009 project. The project is in California and complied with Title 24 2016. I am trying to use title 24 to comply the LEED EAc 1. I have two questions.

1. LEED 2009 EAc1 requires using Title 24 2005, even LEED V4 asks for Title 24- 2013. But my project is using Title 24 2016. How can can use 2016 version to comply? 

2. Title 24 2016 compliance report will not show energy cost. Even I select "calculate energy cost" in my software (CBECC-com). The compliance report just does not show it because the Title 24 compliance is looking for TDV energy. So how can I comply with LEED EAc1? Can I calculate manfully? 

I know LEED EAc1 always has a Title 24 calculation path. Could anybody please help me? Thanks so much!