We are working on the project, which include 3 independent buildings: A, B & C – but for certification is one single building (each 17 stories above grade has own mechanic, energy system and entrances) and 3 floors underground parking space, which are under refurbishment. The ground floor is also common and dedicated for retail, restaurants and a delivery area. In each building upper floors from 1-st floor up to 14 will be office spaces for lease with the top two floors allocated for the technical plant. In the parking spaces ventilation, heating & lighting system (energy and mechanical systems) are common for whole area. To the parking is entrance under building C. The LEED project boundary includes whole describe above project i.e. 3 building and underground parking spaces. Project is register under CS v.3 and is after final design review. There is also additional entrance to the garage though non certified existing office building, which are not include to our project. Now is only executing building A and B. Developer has plan to build tower C in future. What is the time interval during construction allowed in order to still apply for certificate when A and B is finished and handed over.