I´m writing to you because we have some questions about Leed rating system.
We are group of Finnish students (Master’s degree ) and are interested about sustainable development. Green rating systems are part of our studies and our group is focused to Leed system. We would be very happy if you could answer a few questions and clarify to us how Leed system notice changes during certification process.

Our questions are in three groups: Generally / Design time/ Construction time

A. Leed rating system generally
1. How Leed certification handle changes during the design period and during construction.
2. How the certification process proceeds? From the certification starting point to the end. When the plans concerning constructions should be submitted to approval / evaluation to the Green Building Certification Institution?

B. Design phase
1. If the project has been submitted for review at the design stage, can plans further modify?
If needs for changes arise, what should be do? What need take in to consideration?
2. If changes made, after review, is there a need for a new audit of the plans and will there be additional costs?
3. If need new audit, what kind is confirming process? What need to be done?
4. If after the first review need to make changes, which costs one or few Leed-points, what should be do?

C. Construction time
1. How does the certification consider changes during construction time?
2. How are changes approved? Will process incur additional costs?
3. Is it easy to have approve for changes during construction time?
4. How does the exchange of materials or products used in construction during site time affect Leed scoring?
5 How does the Leed-certificate deal with the pollution and breakage of construction products at the site?
6. How does the Leed-certificate deal with electrical or water outages independent of the site, which may hinder construction work?
7. How do Leed-points go when the site of the building to be repaired notices a discrepancy in the actual situation of the plan?
8. What kind of problems have you possibly had with regard to the modifications at the production technical (construction) stage of the site and how were they investigated/how were you treated within the framework of the Leed-certificate?
9. What kind of steps did Leed-certificate points possibly decrease in and how can I add them?
10. Have structures, technology and the poor condition of the previous ones been encountered during the construction site, etc. which was not in the preliminary plans and possibly affected the Leed-scores?
11. How to investigate deviations at the site within the framework of the Leed-certificate?

Seppo Heino (email: seppo-heino@outlook.com)