I have a question regarding the approach for our project that wants to be LEEd certified. The project site consists of 9 buildings with similar use. In particula, the principal activity of the buildings is Hotel, but each building a part from hotel, has an different activity added to it primary funcion( such as gym, office, bar/restaurant..). Activities are diveded as following:
Building 1- Hotel, gym, restaurant
Building 2: Hotel and restaurant
Building 3 Hotel
Building 4: Restaurant
Building 5: Hotel and gym
Building6: Hotel
Building 7: Hotel and office
Building 8: Hotel and gym
Building: Club house 

Obviously all buildings have one owner and one property boundary. 
My question is, if we can use LEED interpretation 10203 for certifie all building as an single building, or we should apply campus guidance for this project?

Thank you in advance
Ana Milinkovic