I'm debating how to set up my fixture groups for a large healthcare project. Initially, it makes sense to split into two groups: inpatient and outpatient/other. But 2/3 of the patient tower is devoted to Women. We have a floor of NICU and another floor of LDR/CSection on top of that. Would it make more sense to split up the inpatient into similar departments? The issue is accurately accounting for male patients. If I go with inpatients than the m/f ratio is a blended number and I would upload a pdf showing the calculation. If I break out the inpatients more, I won't have to do that and it would be clearer to a reviewer. But more time consuming for me. Initially, I was going to group the outpatient/other functions by similar hours/days of operation but the toilets are common to both groups. Now we'll use 24/7/365.