Hi there - I'm working on a high-profile 4-building new construction campus. The owner is very excited about earning Platinum for the entire campus. They definitely want ONE certification for the campus, not individual building certifications as offered in Part 1 of the new AGMBC. It seems like in the 2010 Part 1 approach for a 4-building campus, you could end up with a Silver, Gold and maybe 2 Platinum buildings, given that each building has differing water and energy draws, some will have PV panels, others will not, etc. This is not desirable for our client.

When I speak to the GBCI customer service staff, they push you toward registering a block, and then adding the four buildings individually to the block, which seems to me to establish the Part 1 path.

What do we do if we want to earn one certification for the entire campus, but are ready to start documenting our project now? Can we revert to the 2005 AGMBC which allows for a single registration for all four buildings, and allows you to use averages and weighted averages for Optimize Energy and other such credits?

Any advice/help would be appreciated.