This may be more of a question about how to draw the project boundary in general, but here goes: we are doing a major renovation of a building, sitework, and some work (repaving, etc) on another building on the same campus that contains our parking garage but also has office floors that are not in our scope of work. This stacked garage is where everyone parks, so I am submitting us for Heat-Island Effect Nonroof. My question is: does that mean that I now have to include everything we are doing to the garage in the rest of my documentation? (e.g. does it get included in the energy model? Do I need to demonstrate that low-VOC paints were used on it? etc) It would be wrong to say at the end of the project that the building that contains the parking garage is LEED certified, and Core & Shell doesn't allow me to certify part of a building, so it seems odd that I'd have to include all of the work into the LEED work. Please advise!