Hi there, 

I am working on a LEED v4 project looking at following EApc95 for Energy. I understand that the v4.1 Energy Reduction credit follows the same requirements as v4 EApc95 (except with an update to ASHRAE 090.1-2061), whereby the project can achieve additional savings by including a combination of energy cost reduction and reduced GHGs compared to a baseline building. However, I am working on an Ice Rink project, which in most cases would use Natural Gas, that has decided to electrify as an opportunity to reduce GHG emissions from the building. The project is located in an area where Natural Gas has an emissions factor 6 times that of the electrical grid. The issue we are having is that the overall energy cost reduction is quite minimal (~18%) compared to the baseline. This is because ASHRAE Energy Modeling rules require an energy model to be modelled against a building with like systems, hence the project is comparing against an all-electric building where most efficiencies are already modelled at 100% in the baseline. 

My question is whether there are any ACPs for all-electric buildings, or at a minimum if there are any innovation credits for all-electric buildings. Any support would be greatly appreciated.