The amount or spacing of receptacles are not necessarily spelled out, as w/ the recycle bins, and mainly the only place I am drawing from that it should be provided in all spaces is in the "Requirements" whic say "Provide composting infrastructure to meet the needs of the entire project".

Our project is a student center with a dining hall. The dining/kitchen service is planning on cold storage to hold food waste/scrap for pick-up for composting. In order to apply for the credit do we need to provide for compost pick-up in other parts of the building as well, which is mainly offices/meeting areas? If we provide publicly accessable compost in the open dining/seating areas is that enough?

In reading the credit language initially my thought is YES , that receptacles would need to be placed throughout the building. But wondering if anyone successfully achieved this credit w/ just a dining/food hall or similar portion of the project only offering compost receptacles?