I have a few questions that cover both MRc1 and MRc2. (1) Do we need track and include in the credit calculations purchases that do not have a green alternatives? For instance, treadmills, batteries for equipment which there is no rechargable alternative, toner for which there is no remanufacturing alternative, medical supplies (refilling first aid kits), keyboards, computer mouse, speakers...

(2) In the "birds eye view" you state that it is optional to include any items outside paper, toners, binders, and desk accessories as ongoing consumables. Does this mean items like periodicals, medical supplies (refilling first aid kits), SWAG, and gifts can be excluded from tracking and included in the MRc1 credit calculations? Some of the comments in the "comment section" imply otherwise.

(3) Finally, what about items outside both MRc1 and MRc2 - such as wrist pads, keyboard trays, keyboards? These appear to not be covered by any LEED credit. In general, it seems that some purchases would fall outside tracking. Or is the intent to track ALL purchases and find some way to place them into either credit catagory, assuming your consistent with your placement?

thanks for your help.