My apology in advance if this is already answered:

I'm working as a consultant for an Architect in Baltimore, MD on a 6 story residential building (apartments, separately metered). We are looking at pursuing Green Power EAc6 NC-2009 and this is my first time on a project pursuing this credit.

I've been in touch with a local organization who works with the utility and provides green energy contracts - basically we sign up for 2 years at the green energy rate, which is currently $0.01 higher than the regular energy rate.

However, the client does not want to make their tenants pay the additional amount for green power. I've scoured the web to figure out what and how we can go about alternate options. From reading some forum posts, it seems like there are two options, signing a contract for green power and purchasing RECs. I cannot figure out how we can go about purchasing RECs. I looked at and used Google/Wikipedia, but I think I'm missing something. Can someone please help?

Thank you!!