Dear All,

I am an engineer at Inform Design (consulting practice based in Sweden), and we are working on a large office building project which aims to acquire LEED certificate.

I have a couple of questions regarding the daylight and glare protection requirements, specified in the LEED v4 Daylight for Nordic Projects:

  1. In the alternative compliance path for Nordic countries there are 4 alternatives to provide glare protection. Is it mandatory to have glare control shading devices in all occupied spaces even if the requirements for DGP (alternative 2), sDA 3000/50% (alternative 3) or ASE 1000/250 (alternatve 4) are fulfilled? 
  2. If the developer does not install glare control fabrics, but they add this to the contract for the tenants to install glare control fabrics, can they still acquire the points for Daylight?

Thank you in advance for your help.