We are trying to figure out the GHG emission factor for Saudi Arabia. We cannot find a reliable emission factor in any local sources, while LEED v4.1 manual quoted "For international project - use national grid mix coefficients from the International Energy Agency CO2 Emissions from Fuel Combustion 2017 report to calculate GHG emissions by energy source ". Does it mean we can use the emission factors in this report directly?

It quoted 0.721kg CO2/kwh electricity and 0.582kg CO2/kwh natural gas in 2013-15 average - are these reasonable assumptions to be adopted in Saudi Arabia?

Meanwhile, we are told that Saudi Arabia does not use Natural Gas but LPG. And thus we tried to look into the LPG emission factor as well but it doesn't appear in this report. Anyone know where we can find the emission factor for LPG in Saudi Arabia?

Many thanks!