There are some more details about this issue, for which I'd appreciate very much some clarifications.
Regarding the modeling approach for garage ventilation in the Baseline, it should follow ASHRAE 62 and applying air flow rate of 0.7 cfm/sq.ft. This however is the exhaust rate and there is nothing mention for the ventilation supply.
In some projects the project design envisages a slight heating (or semiheating conditions) in the garage areas during the winter months (for various reasons including sprinkler concept). For such a situation a heating could be provided only if there are supply ventilation like in the project design.
Regarding the Baseline how should such situation be simulated. Could it be either:
- the system to be considered like System 9/10 and rate 0.7 cfm/sq.ft to applied as the total air quantities or …?
- If there are heating needs then how the DCV requirements for garages to be applied?
Your assistance in clearing these details is highly appreciated.