I am working on a project where the Owner Project Requirements and Basis of Design were created at the appropriate times. An engineering firm that didn’t do the MEP drawings aided the design team and the owner with creating the OPR and BOD documents outlining the owners intent for the MEP systems. The commissioning agent is being hired to do the post construction testing and to create the fundamental commissioning report 1.5 years after the project construction was completed. (NOTE: the commissioning agent is an employee of the engineering firm that did the OPR and BOD documents). Question: is there a specific timeline for completing the commissioning requirement in the prerequisite language? Will the reviewers accept commissioning and the reports that are done 1.5 years after the construction is complete? NOTE all of the other credits / prerequisites needed for a LEED certification are complete for this project. This is the only pending item and the owner really wants the LEED certification. Any guidance on this issue would be greatly appreciated.