Our commissioning agent was involved with creation of the owners basis of design documents, they reviewed the design drawings during the design process to verify they were consistent with the ownener's BOD, and they reviewed shop drawings that were provided by the contractor. Due to contract issues the commissioning agent didn't verify the installation and performance of the required systems at the time of construction. The contractural issues have been worked out and the commissioning agent has been paid so is available to complete the testing review and systems verifications as required for the fundamental commissioning prerequisite including creating the summary commissioning report. At this point the building has been occupied by residents (it is a college dorm) for over a year. Is there a time limit to when the commissioning agent can complete the systems testing? NOTE: all of the systems were inspected by manufacture's representatives before substantial completeion, the universities on staff commissioning team was also involved during the project closeout process, and the commissioning agent will be doing their own on site verification testing of the systems as required by the prerequisite before creating the commisiong report. This is the only item that needs to be done before submitting the final review documentation to the USGBC. Is this possible / allowable? This is a critical issue as this is a prerequisite so i appreciate any help. Thanks.