This is more about FTE values (and is also related to MPR):
1) The project's occupancy is peculiar in the sense that the regular occupants have 'dependents' ~ regular visitors in terms of rights, & have access to facilities (gym, cafeteria) but don't use office space. They have a special access 'pass' therefore no need to register. does LEED have and accepted/logical way of assuming FTE values in this case?
2) The client also has 'service providers' - contractors who clean, enter data, serve as waitresses, logistics, maintenance. They come to work for longer hours in a day and more days in a week (6) compared to regular occupants. Do they fall under "part-time occupants" w/ values greater that 8 hours a day, and going to work 6 days in a week or "regular occupants" who don't really have 'desks'? Or will they even be counted at all?