We got a review comment: “Provide additional documentation to confirm that the project meets the requirements for reductions in inspection frequency (Section 4.1.4 of the EPA Construction General Permit).” This says do inspections “at least every 7 calendar days or once every 14 calendar days and within 24 hours of the occurrence of a storm event 0.25 inches or greater”.

My question is where in the reference guide can I see this? I can see: “The plan must conform to the erosion and sedimentation requirements of the 2012 U.S. Environmental

Protection Agency (EPA) Construction General Permit (CGP)”.

And it says “Whether they follow the CGP or a local equivalent, all projects must meet the requirements outlined in the CGP, Section 2:”.

Where does it say that we have to follow Section 4? (We are located outside the US, this is not a standard we normally use).