Sorry to repost the question anyone out there have any suggestions please?

We have registered a campus level project (football Academy) with multiple buildings using 2010 AGMBC with the aspiration of a single Certification for the entire development.

The site includes 2 smaller training buildings/stadium, 2 central training buildings /stadium. It also consists of 2 outdoor football pitches within the stadiums as well as 4 outdoor football pitches around the stadiums.

A. Do we have to include these football pitches into the master site GFA?
B. Do we have to include the pitches into LEED Project boundary?
C. If excluded from the LEED project boundary can we still take them into consideration while calculating for the following 2 credits?
SSc5.1: Site Development - Protect or Restore Habitat
SSc5.2: Site Development - Maximize Open Space