We are completing a three-story story "vestiário" (shower and locker room) building in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and have a question relative to EQc3.2. This building is naturally ventilated and to achieve this credit the idea was to rent large fans to complete the flush-out after calculating the necessary time to move the required amount of air. Our problem lies with the related requirement of performing flush-out within the temperature and humidity limits of 60 degrees and 60% relative humidity. The temperature is not a problem but a quick check of the weather data for Rio shows that during May and June, the humidity ranges between 66% and 86%.
I believe that we may have a chance at satisfying the INTENT of the credit due to the nature of the construction and finishes in the building: Concrete, steel and block envelope, ceramic tile floors and walls, PVC ceiling, aluminum doors and window frames, zero insulation, zero wood products, basically no place for moisture to go but out the windows and doorways.
I have read through the CIR's and have not found a case like this one. I thought I would post here for comments before perhaps writing our own CIR.

Thank you.