There is an issue on applying F factor about which I'd appreciate some assistance.
The F factor in general refers to the floor slab edge insulation. Its value depends also on how the rest of the slab is further insulated or not at all (Table A6.3).
In case of unheated slab, there is a compliance value for F factor to be entered in Baseline listed in tables 5.5. For the proposed case however this F factor usually is different because almost always the designers are applying some more insulation below the floor slab.
The questions are:
1. Is the F factor the only heat transfer coefficient to be applied in the floor slab?
2. Should F factor be applied also to the interior spaces, not only the exterior spaces?
3. Should the Proposed F factor value be applied the same also for the Baseline?
4. If the floor slab has different insulation thicknesses for different distance from the exterior, should the area averaged method be applied for determining the Assembly F factor?