Does anyone have input on how to classify a black epoxy floor coating? We're looking at a product w/ VOC content of 320 g/L (high performance coating to protect concrete slab from moisture, stains and abrasion). It's technically a coating, but acts as a sealer...

SCAQMD 1113 definitions:

FLOOR COATINGS (VOC limit of 100g/L) are opaque coatings that are formulated for or applied to flooring; including but not limited to decks and porches, and clear coatings formulated for or applied to concrete flooring, but do not include Industrial Maintenance Coatings.

WATERPROOFING CONCRETE/MASONRY SEALERS (VOC limit of 400 g/L) are clear or pigmented sealers that are formulated for sealing concrete and masonry to provide resistance against water, alkalis, acids, ultraviolet light, and staining.