We are working on a Project which is a large scale Manufacturing space. The Project is planning to install a direct only Evaporative Cooling system which draws in Outside air directly, which passes via a cooling pad and is ducted into the space. Additionally, we are planning to have exhaust fans also on the opposite side. Is providing MERV 13 filters mandatory for this System?

If so, where would we provide the filter? Our Evaporative Cooler is basically a Box with a Fan in it. The Box has Evaporative Cooling pads on 3 sides and a supply duct on the fourth. The Fan will draw in air from via the Cooling Pad (which is misted with Water) and push it into the duct. Providing the MERV 13 filter in the duct might result in condensation in the filter's openings and not recommended. We are not sure how best to approach this particular requirement.

Thanks for any support.