One review comments that i have received about E&Ap2 prerequisite is:

2. No exterior lighting power has been modeled for the Baseline or Proposed Case. Confirm that no exterior lighting is included in the building site or revise the models to reflect exterior lighting. Verify that the Proposed Case exterior lighting reflects the actual building design and the Baseline Case reflects the allowed lighting power from Section 9. Ensure that no credit is taken in the Proposed Case for lighting reductions on non#tradable surfaces; additional lighting power allowance cannot be claimed in the Baseline Case for surfaces that are not provided with lighting in the actual design and lighting fixtures cannot be double-counted for different exterior surfaces. Report the tradable and non#tradable surface lighting power separately (in units of Watts or Kilowatts) for both the Baseline and Proposed Case in Supplemental Table 1.4. Update the model and results to reflect exterior lighting if included in the model and is consistent with SSc8: Light Pollution Reduction.

I´m updating the Section 1.4 with new version (Jan 2014), and I have a problem with this excell (Secction 1.4):

When i input the Total Exterior Lighting Power Modeled (Watts), similar to Total Exterior Lighting Power Calculated (Watts), this cells are coloured red.

I don´t understand the reason to happen it.

Do I have to include these Kw (exterior lighting) in my Baseline and Proposed models?? Or no.

Thanks in advanced