Project type       : LEED ID+C (CI) Version 4

Query                : EA Pr. Minimum Energy Performance (Table G 3.1.5)

Our project is a commercial office building space with a gross floor area of 44,000 sq. ft. (approx.) in a single floor. We have opted for option 1: Tenant level Energy Simulation approach for EA Pr. Minimum Energy Performance. Window to wall ratio (WWR) of the actual building is around 85% , As per our understanding shall we use the interpretation LI-10454 as an alternative method and model the existing envelope in the baseline energy model as per ASHRAE 90.1 - 2010 Table G 3.1.5 (baseline) section f such as maintaining the actual WWR (85%), wall, roof, glass assemblies equally in both basecase and the proposedcase model as per design. Kindly give a clarity on the above approach since it will majorly affect on energy savings.


R B Aravindraj