Hi everyone!

We have recently submitted an industrial project under 'Campus' category for LEED NCv9 rating with two buildings - one of them not attempting the certification. We have just received the first review and are in a conundrum. We had a rather complicated scenario wherein the non-certifiable building is an exitsing block set to be demolished for an unplanned future development. At the time of project's registration as campus, it was likely that a design will be developed for this zone but not any more. In the process, we considered that portion of the site allocated to the "unplanned" zone (holding existing block) as previously developed. However, we could not consider the potential parking or hardscapes for this zone in absence of a design proposal. It appears that the reviewer could not gather from our documentation that the previously developed land is attributed to this zone and as such has questioned if this zone has been included in campus credit calculations.

Now, we are not quite sure if we should include this zone and how? Furthermore, is there a possibility to change it back to a non-campus project and exclude this unplanned zone entirely seeing that the certifiable building is NOT dependent on this piece of land at all?

Any advise will be appreciated.