Hi! I have two Core & Shell projects where the landlord is providing showers and changing rooms. There's a toilet inside the changing room area. I have separated this fixture out into its own fixture group where the usage pattern is 100% Female (I was told to do this to get the calcs right because there's no urinal associated with the locker room fixture group.)

During the initial review, the LEED team kicked the WE calculations back because the modified Total Daily Usage rate for the locker room toilet was 10%, which admittedly was an arbitrary number that I picked up from an article on what percentage of people use showers at the workplace, then I doubled the number. The LEED team wrote back, "The calculations for the Locker Room fixture group indicate a water closet total daily uses value that differs from the standard calculation methodology. "

My question is, what is the standard calculation mythology in this scenario? If I don't change the "Total Daily Uses" to something more sensible, the water calcs get driven down because the table essentially assumes that 305 women are using that toilet, in addition to the other 152.5 women already using the other toilets in the building.

Thanks for some guidance here.