This question is in regards to the Optimize Energy Performance section, under the Prescriptive compliance method and more specifically the Equipment and Appliances credits.

My team and I are seeking clarification on some of the wording in the book which states "Calculate their percentage of the total (by rated-power) ENERGY STAR-eligible products in the project."

The first thing in question is the ENERGY STAR-eligible, which in this case we are referencing microwaves. Being that microwaves either cannot or have not received an energy star rating, would they even be considered eligible. And with that if they are not considered eligible, can they be excluded from the calculation regarding percentage of energy star products?

The second thing of interest is the rated-power verbiage. And we are merely just looking for more information on what exactly that means or what it is referring to. Any and all information is helpful and i thank you for your time.