I'm working on a project with envelope commissioning. It is a large data center type building. Initially, we had planned to do thermal imaging, water spray testing on roof and walls, and mock-up lab testing on curtain walls. However, due to the construction timeline and the project structure is built for the entire project, but only phase 1 (a small area) will have HVAC equipment installed, it is challenging to do pressurization and heat the building enough to do the thermal imaging during the commissioning process. It seems silly to wait until the whole building is complete to do the thermal imaging, as the whole point is to find issues early on so they can be addressed more easily and cost-effectively. So, we are planning to drop the thermal imaging, and only do water spray test for roof and wall and mock-up lab test for curtain wall. The question keeps coming up, is this enough for LEED? In our opinion yes, but the requirements are so vague and we haven't done a lot with LEED envelope commissioning. The project OPR does not have specific air tightness requirements, and only loosely refers to water tightness and water vapor barrier requirements, but no specific pressure requirements only local code compliance (china). Any thoughts from the experts on if this approach will be sufficient?