Hello All,

We have a 5-floored building pursuing LEED CS v2009 certification, and also WELL certification. Envelope Cx is required. I assume that this is equivalent to BECx described in the LEED v4 guide (as they both have to follow the same guidelines).

As stated in the Further Explanation section of the LEED v4 credit regarding the envelope Cx, “the type of envelope and size of building will determine what tests are conducted and the equipment required. For example, performing a blower door test to determine the air-tightness of an envelope may be appropriate for a 20,000-square-foot (1 860-square-meter) facility with brick façade and recessed windows. However, this type of test would be impractical for a 500,000-square-foot (46 450-square meter) commercial building with a curtain wall façade (…)”

Our building is aprox. 20 000 square meter, and it has a curtain wall façade.

In your opinion, is it recommended to perform the blower door test? Is it required?

Another question regarding the blower door tests under LEED/WELL certification: is there any infiltration requirement to comply with? We have checked lot of documentation, but no value has arised.

Thanks in advance!