We Desined a Dormitory Building ( NC ) already constructed and in operation.
Each door of the bedrooms has a card reader connected to a BMS ( Building Management System ). When the card is inserted the signal is sent to receivers that allow full user operation of lightning and confort levels. Once the tenant remove the card from the reader task, confort systems turn to energy saving/stand-by mode.
We finally dind't find any method on ASHRAE standards to submit this kind of energy consumption, and we can't achieve the LEED EA credits due to the impossible calculation of the real energy use of the building.
We just found a similar method to calculate energy saving only fot lightning system, but not for HVAC system; this issue let our building not pursuiting the necessary treshold for achieving the LEED Certification.
I Hope someone that often use LEED rating systems can help us.

Kindly Regards.

Marco Valerio Ceccotti