I’m modeling a building which has water-cooled chillers.

It comes down that the provider has sent us the chiller specs, and the chiller efficiency was tested at no AHRI conditions (COP and NPLV).

Now appendix G specifies that proposed and baseline chillers should be modeled at AHRI conditions. So what I did was to recalculate the standard COP for the proposed chiller with the Kadj procedure(ASHRAE 90.1 Table 6.8.1J minimum efficiencies for centrifugal chillers).

I consider it isn’t fair to compare the nonstandard COP with the baseline COP since the proposed model should be modeled at AHRI conditions, so I did the reverse implementation of K-adj:

COP-adj = K-adj * COP-std, COP-std = COP-adj / K-adj

I do appreciate any thoughts on this, thanks.