hi Marcus / hi everyone,

We have a LEED CI project that is part of a 4 storey commercial building. Only portion of the Ground Floor will be part of the LEED CI project. Each tenant space has their own split type air conditioning system. Basically the LEED CI project is totally independent from any other tenants in the building, the building has no centralized plant.

We plan to pursue Option 1. Tenant-Level Energy Simulation, my questions are:

1. Should the energy modeler include all the building (with the actual independent split type AC systems of the LEED Ci project) in the energy model and use the baseline system for other tenants? or can we isolate the LEED CI project scope and document only within the LEED CI boundery?

2. For tenants that are not part of LEED CI (with independent split type AC system), should the energy model use the ASHRAE 90.1 compliant building envelope for other tenants of the building or the actual installed glass for the Proposed Case? - in accordance to 90.1 Table G3.1(5) (baseline), Sections a–e, and not Section f.

i have read the Reference guide but I just want to make sure that I am correct. We hope to hear from you soon.