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We are doing the energy model for office building in which electrical energy only used.

We know that, achieving the energy savings under LEED v4.1 is difficult due to building performance factor. So, we have used LI10488. In this LEED Interpretation, we found that two different tables for points contribution (Table 01 is cost savings, Table 02 is greenhouse gas emissions savings)

As mentioned above, proposed building will use electrical enery only and we are getting 17.43% savings. Our questions are,

1. As per table 01, we will get 2 points only. Is this correct? (or)
2. Can we get any points from Table 2: greenhouse gas emissions savings also, even not using any fuel in the building?. Becuase, this 17.43% energy savings also reducing the greenhouse emission. So, we can get 4 points.Is this correct?
3. Is there any Minimum Energy Performance Calcuator for this LI10488