I am currently computing the elevators' energy consumption in the baseline according to Table G3.1, section 16. After assessing the total peak elevator motor power per car, as Design Builder (simulation software being used) doesn't simulate the elevators, I'm using the average run time and the estimated amount of runs per year to compute the yearly energy consumption in both scenarios. This schecule of use is based on the estimated usage from the project's Elevators Design and Usage Report, which would be included as evidence.

On the proposed model, there is no reference to how this consumption is computed, only mentioning that it has to be simulated with the same schedules, which it was. From the same elevator's report I meantioned earlier, the project team assessed the yearly energy consumption for each car in the building, according to all project and equipment details. So this energy consumption was the one accounted in the Proposed.

Is this a correct approach?