Hello everyone,

I am trying to model the elevator in a 4 storey office building usign Design Builder v4.7 (bought in 2016). As far as I understood, with the latest LEED version elevators are not a process load anymore since there are specific instructions on how to model them. Therefore, Proposed and Baseline elevator models must differ. Having the following data: Weight of the car 436 kg (961.21 lb), Rated load 680 kg (1499.14 lb), Speed 1 m/s (196.85 ft/min) the peak power I obtain is 26 217 W, which is huge compared to the one of the proposed building, 4 000 W.

Given the extremely high power of the baseline elevator I cannot model it within the shaft (power density > 1000 W/m2, which is the limit of the software). Therefore, I thought that I could model it using the Building Area Method, which is the way I modelled the receptacle loads. Am I allowed to do so? Or, does this method go against the protocol? If I am not allowed, how can I proceed? 

I thank you in advance.