We got this review comment

1. The documentation does not confirm that the non-fixture usage (e.g. electric water coolers and janitors sinks) is measured and can be deducted from the domestic cold water usage to measure the usage of the indoor plumbing fixtures (described in WEp Indoor Water Use Reduction). 

Provide revised documentation demonstrating that at least 80% of the indoor fixtures described in WEp Indoor Water Use Reduction are metered, either directly or by deducting all other measured water use from the measured total water consumption of the building and grounds.

Is the "electric water coolers" is for supplying drinking water? The project owner did install water deispensors in the project to supply cold and hot drinking water for direct drinking and making tea and coffee. The water source of water densiper is from building potable water piping and filtered before entering water despinsor. The recommanding daily water drinking volume per person is half gallon and it is very small amont water, comparing with indoor water use calculation sheet in WE credit. 

Therefore, shall I reply about my drinking water analysis since no electic water cooler is installed and water despinsors shall be included in reply message?