I am doing Energy Model for Office building which is targeted for LEED Gold. The conditioned area is 1.2 lakhs & 5 Typical Floors (G+4). Hence, the baseline system would be System 6 and the following method used while optimizing energy performance of Baseline Energy Model.

We have selected single system called System01 for Ground Floor, System02 for typical floors (1st, 2nd & 3rd Floors) & System03 for 4th Floor. Is this correct     or     need to consider one system for the whole building.

Further, the cooling capacities & EER of these three systems as follows,

System01 (650 KBtu/h and 10.0 EER)

System02 (2040 KBtu/h and 9.7 EER)

System03 (780 KBtu/h and 9.7 EER)

Here, the cooling capacity of System02 is overall capacity. Whether I need to divide this value (2040 KBtu/h) by 3 to select the EER. Please advice


EER is noted as per ASHRAE Standard 90.1.2007 Table 6.8.1A

The difference between the EER is less. But, I would like to know the correct method.