Using Option 1. Whole Building Energy Simulation, the following note resides in this credit template: “The compliance path selected above and values entered for annual electricity use calculations below MUST correspond with the inputs given in EA Prerequisite 2.” (I emphasized MUST). We provided inputs, in EAp2/EAc1, but were denied 1 point. If Total electricity use from EAp2-15 is linked to EAc6 credit, but EAc6 is reporting total kWh incorrectly because we were denied 1 point in EAp2 - must we pay $500 to appeal EAp2, just to merely change the total electricity usages for this one number to report correctly on EAc6 according to what USGBC thinks the total kWh should be? We are not sure what USGBC did in their energy model to compute one less point. USGBC tells us what the total kWh amount should be in their opinion. We can increase our Green Power purchase to align with what USGBC believes our Total Electricity should be, which reads as 73.5% green power over a two year period (in lieu of “actual” 70%). Will this be acceptable, or does EAp2 need to be revised, to report correctly in EAc6, for both to match?