Dear all,

As many of you may know, up until now ROS such as office rooms (Office), Bedrooms(Residental), etc. are not required to be mechanically cooled and sometimes not even ventilated in european countires. When modeling, what would be the equivalent in the Baseline case model?

Let's say we go as per ASHRAE App-G TbG3.1-1.Section "b" (All conditioned spaces in the proposed design shall be simulated as being both heated and cooled EVEN IF no heating or cooling system is to be installed...). But what does it mean in practical terms?

OPTION A) Should be configure a Cooling system in Proposed case model the same as if would be in the Baseline case one (e.g. The same system type, fan control, cooling type, efficiencies, etc.)?


OPTION B) Or simply add these room areas to our actual Proposed case HVAC cooling equipment -without additional cooling capacity to the actual chiller-?

*The same question applies to the Ventilation, if it is being Naturally Ventilated...

Thank you so much in advance for your quick response.

Claudio Leon LEED AP