Our NC building will be approximately 15,000 sq ft, and at the low end of commissioning costs using 1per sq foot, we will need to spend 16K. This is too much for our project to outlay. Since it is a small building, (mixed use, 3 commercial spaces and 9 small condos) could we hire a second set of, HVAC/plumber and electricians to verify our systems? If we did this, the systems could be verified in a minimum of a day and even at 1K a day per expert, you can see the cost savings. The experience on 2 or more projects is a given, since we would select providers who regularly work with theses systems and are not only installers, but maintenance subcontractors, whose responsibility is to ensure systems are working properly. Otherwise I am afraid that EAP1 may preclude us from trying to get certified. Incidentally, although these agents may not be engineers, I would think that their skill levels would be better, especially in the HVAC setting if they have expertise in the same brand as installed, ie. Carrier, HP, etc. As a final note, there are some google results that indicate commissioning is not required on buildings fewer than 15000 sq ft. Is this true?