Our project is a 5 storey addition to the east side of an existing campus centre. It will be connected on various levels to the campus centre and most occupants are expected to enter the addition by walking through the existing building.

Three questions:

1. The existing campus centre contains many uses - swimming pool, coffee shops, sports therapy, and auditoria to name a few. Does anyone have experience counting diverse uses in existing portions of addition projects?

2. When measuring walking distance to other buildings - say another mixed-use building on campus, or shopping mall, that contains other diverse uses - is the walking distance measured from our main entrance to the other building's main entrance? Or does the walking distance need to include the distance walked inside the shopping mall to get to the bank or hair salon?

3. When measuring walking distances for this credit (and for Access to Quality Transit), can functional and/or main entrances of the exiting portion of the building serve as beginning points for measuring walking distances for the addition portion of our building?